Facebook is the most popular Social Media Platform in the world

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform, with around 2.45 billion monthly active users. It consists mainly of image and video posts that are often accompanied by short captions. Many businesses can benefit from a Facebook marketing strategy as it’s a great way to increase brand awareness. It also provides them with an easy way to communicate with and offer value to customers through information, tips and offers.

Not only does Facebook have a lot of users, but a massive number of these are active every single day. Over 1.62 billion people use Facebook daily! This provides a huge opportunity for businesses who want to increase their following, brand awareness and engagement as there is so much potential for reaching people.

Facebook for business offers a wide range of features that allow businesses to promote their brand, reach new audiences, keep in touch with current customers and even sell to customers. From the use of daily stories, to business pages, to the marketplace, there are so many ways in which this platform can help your business to grow. It also helps to acquire new customers, which is why it is becoming ever more important to become a part of it.

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How Can We Help You with Facebook Marketing?

As you can see, Facebook for business offers a huge range of benefits, from simply becoming more visible to potential customers, to being able to provide value to existing customers. In 2022 it is key that businesses are utilising this platform to promote themselves and build trust with customers.

For more info on how social media platforms fit into our various marketing packages, check out our Digital Marketing Packages page. With the help of Webster Digital, Facebook can become a useful, profitable tool for your business.

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Facebook Business Pages

Business Pages on Facebook allow users to – you guessed it – create pages about their business. This is a useful tool as it allows you to create an entire section all about your business and what it does. With many customisable features, businesses can really show customers what they’re all about in easy-to-consume, eye-catching ways.

Users can Like and Follow your page in order to receive updates and keep in touch with your business. The more page followers you get, the more people that will see your posts, pictures and offers. This makes them a great method for increasing engagement and exposure.

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Facebook Shop

A relatively new feature that Facebook are promoting more and more is the Facebook Shopping feature. All businesses with a page are able to add products to a store that is within the Facebook platform itself, allowing your customers to shop with you, directly on social media!

This removes a step in your customers’ journey, allowing you to secure sales more easily than ever before. Your Facebook store can contain product images, detailed descriptions and prices so that your customers don’t even need to use your website.

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Facebook Stories

Stories are a relatively new feature on Facebook, that allow users and businesses to post short videos or images that remain visible for one day only. Although this might sound like a strange concept, it has become a very popular way for people to consume content. Due to the ease and speed in which content can be viewed, Facebook stories has 300 million daily active users. It is therefore key to incorporate stories into your Facebook marketing strategy.

Businesses are also able to provide links within stories, allowing for quicker access from customers and viewers to websites. Most recent stories also appear at the top of the Facebook homepage, making them highly visible to users.

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The Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is the section of Facebook that allows you to directly advertise and sell products and services. It allows you to create a listing for your product, including images, details, prices and location. This is beneficial in two ways: firstly, it allows businesses to sell directly to customers, without them having to visit your website. With the short attention spans of online consumers today, this is a great way to boost sales. Secondly, it allows people to find your products or services based on your location. In turn it can attract new local customers, which is particularly great for small businesses who do not ship or offer services.

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Facebook “Watch”

Another relatively new element that Facebook have added is the Watch section – a place to find video clips. As with many social platforms, video is being pushed out more as this is the content that users prefer. The more entertaining nature of a video clip over a static image means that it is more important than ever for businesses to create interesting short clips for customers to view. By using video for content, businesses are more likely to increase engagement and activity from their audiences.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, everyone is spending more and more time online. Whether it’s on social media, reading through emails, or browsing search engines, your customers are online somewhere. With that, comes the need for a powerful digital marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing & Strategy

As a business in the modern world, it’s important to have a content strategy in place that represents who you are. Our results-driven content marketing service helps you to create, publish and promote rich content that will grow your brand online.

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Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are there to provide value to existing customers and help build trust with new or potential customers. They’re a great way to keep your followers updated regularly with more useful, in-depth material.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing will help your business to create brand awareness and build an audience of loyal, passionate followers. By building trusting relationships with your customers, their lifetime value to your business will skyrocket.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

For an extra boost to free traffic sources, pay per click ads are a great way to really drive down on specific target audiences and reach exactly those who are most likely to buy from your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a fantastic way to drive targeted customers directly to the point of sale. By appearing more frequently in search results, your business will generate more qualified leads than ever before.

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