Treat Your website with the respect it deserves!

Your website is the fundamental component of your online presence, it’s likely to be the first point of contact between your brand and your potential client base. It’s therefore extremely valuable and needs to be treated as such. Going into 2020, make sure you’ve done all you can to stop hackers from defacing it, placing… Read more »

Are you considering re-branding your website for 2020?

Updating your website’s design can positively impact your brand and revenue but where do you start? We’ve pulled together a list of essentials to consider if you’re looking to rebuild and re-brand in 2020. Have a clear understanding of exactly what you want your website to do Be clear about what features it must have… Read more »

Web hosting…the good, the bad and the best!

Flaky emails and website downtime are the nemesis of many a business owner. How often do you find yourself muttering at the slowness of a website when you’re trying to make a purchase? Stressing because your emails outbound or inbound seem to be stuck in an invisible queue, showing no sign of materialising? For the… Read more »


This month we’ve decided to set a challenge, we promise it won’t take long and could increase your bottom line for the future. So, here goes… Spend 10 minutes comparing and contrasting your competition’s website. Now have an honest conversation with yourself, if you were a potential customer – based on the websites themselves, which… Read more »

WordPress Security – Secure Certificates & HTTPS

WordPress powers in excess of 32% of all websites on the internet. It’s a brilliant Content Management System (CMS) that can be used by anybody, regardless of computer literacy or familiarity with how to build websites. This is WordPress’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Since so many websites use WordPress, it is targeted by… Read more »

Social Media. The best friend a business can have?

In these modern times we live in, social media is an unavoidable buzzword but what is it exactly and how should your business be using social media? Social media is a term for websites and other tools which allow individuals and businesses to create, share and exchange information. In the early days of the internet,… Read more »