The Black Friday weekend is now right around the corner, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for businesses to generate more sales and interest around their products and services. Regardless of what it is that you’re selling, or what your offer is, you need to be able to communicate it clearly to as many of your target customer base as possible. Here are 4 strategies that you can use this year, not just to reach more people, but to convert more over the Black Friday weekend!

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Email Marketing

Emails can be some of the most effective assets when it comes to promoting deals and offers, especially if you already have a list full of existing and target customers.

The median email marketing ROI is 122% – four times higher than any other digital marketing channel!

If you can, create personalised branded emails that clearly promote your Black Friday deal and what’s in it for them. Optimise your email for trust and send it out at the right time in order to maximise open and click through rates!

Many businesses don’t yet have an email list, which makes it a little more difficult, however you can still use the Black Friday weekend to start building one. Create an effective pop-up or embedded form for your website and incentivise sign ups with your Black Friday offer. Not only will you be able to add new members to your email list for future use, but you’ll be able to send them personalised offers over the BF weekend!

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Social Media Commerce

You’ve probably heard of social media marketing, but have you heard of or explored social media commerce? If you’re selling products, this strategy is a no-brainer!

To start with social commerce, you’ll need profiles on the platforms that currently offer it – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. If you’ve got an established profile then all you need to do is add your products to the relevant shopping sections and you can now sell products directly through social media.

To make the most out of social media commerce this Black Friday, create deals within the platform and promote them on you page or using social media ads!

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Refresh Your Website


If you’ve been contemplating a change to your website, or you’ve not done anything with it in a while, now might be the perfect time to do so. Giving your website a makeover can transform it into the ultimate Black Friday landing page that’s ready to convert more of your traffic.

For this strategy to work effectively though, you’ll need to focus on the right things.

  • Speed – even if it’s just removing some unnecessary elements or optimising your images to save half a second, anything you can do to reduce your loading times is a major win for Black Friday (and every other day for that matter!)
  • Colours – 85% of online consumers have confirmed that colour impacts their decision making. Different colours have different affects so why not try a few out to grab more attention? Red for example attracts attention and makes us feel energetic. Blue on the other hand inspires confidence and balance. And yellow can make shoppers feel happiness and fun.
  • CTA’s – your call to actions should match your Black Friday offers and really steal the focus from your users. Updating your CTA’s can transform conversion rates so it’s worth looking at what they are and how they could better match your deals.
  • Offers – your offers are the core to every Black Friday campaign that you run. Your website needs to reflect that by clearly stating what your offer is in a visible location. Your shopping and product pages should all bring awareness to your brilliant deal.
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Online Advertising

The beauty of online advertising is that you can quickly create precise campaigns that focus on specific products and offers that can run on specific dates – perfect for a short weekend campaign to get the most traffic to your offer.

There’s a vast range of advertising platforms, so whichever industry, service, or product you’re catering to, there’s a solution out there for your business. From social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to B2B platforms like LinkedIn to video-only platforms like YouTube, to shopping and text-based ads on Google.

Select the platform that’s got the right targeting options for your product or service, and get to work on creating high quality copy and media that talk explicitly about your Black Friday deals! Remember to be specific with your targeting as your campaign won’t have long to test or eliminate weaker audiences.

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Whichever strategies you end up using, remember to keep your customer in mind. You’ve got to make it clear what your offer is, what the benefits of your product or service are, and why they can trust your business to deliver on these promises. Good luck with the Black Friday weekend – here’s to making the most of one of the busiest shopping days of the year!

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, everyone is spending more and more time online. Whether it’s on social media, reading through emails, or browsing search engines, your customers are online somewhere. With that, comes the need for a powerful digital marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing & Strategy

As a business in the modern world, it’s important to have a content strategy in place that represents who you are. Our results-driven content marketing service helps you to create, publish and promote rich content that will grow your brand online.

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Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are there to provide value to existing customers and help build trust with new or potential customers. They’re a great way to keep your followers updated regularly with more useful, in-depth material.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing will help your business to create brand awareness and build an audience of loyal, passionate followers. By building trusting relationships with your customers, their lifetime value to your business will skyrocket.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

For an extra boost to free traffic sources, pay per click ads are a great way to really drive down on specific target audiences and reach exactly those who are most likely to buy from your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a fantastic way to drive targeted customers directly to the point of sale. By appearing more frequently in search results, your business will generate more qualified leads than ever before.

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