Ecommerce has been a hot topic in recent years and as a result many businesses look to it as a means of selling more. However, more and more frequently, people are questioning if Ecommerce is still worth getting into. Whether you own an established brick and mortar shop or you’re looking at getting into selling with an online-only presence, there are many reasons why Ecommerce is a great route to go, even in 2022. Here’s why it’s still a more than worthwhile option and a few things you’ll need to consider.

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Consumers Are Increasingly Buying Online

Yep, that’s right, increasingly. Over the last five years, Ecommerce in the UK has grown every single year and is going to continue to do so, meaning more people will be looking online for their purchases each year and are likely to be spending more as they do.

The major worry you might have in regard to getting into Ecommerce is market saturation, and whilst it is becoming more saturated all the time (one reason to move quickly!), there’s still more than enough space for your business to generate huge sales volumes as more of your customers will be going online – and online only – to find what you provide.

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Increasing Online Selling Opportunities

Back in the day, the only way you could sell was to your customers in store, physically, with cash. Then came along card payments, then came along Ecommerce websites, and we’re still seeing innovations today that allow your business to sell through even more mediums.

Sell on Google, sell on Facebook, sell on TikTok, take payments with Apple Pay and even cryptocurrencies! This is great news for businesses who want to sell more of their products to more people – there’s opportunity everywhere.

If you’ve been hesitant on getting into the Ecommerce game, what’s stopping you in 2022? It’s still THE most effective way to increase your sales volumes.

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Digital Marketing Methods Are A Cost-Effective Way To Drive More Sales

If you want to sell more, you need to be reaching more people where they’re spending their time, with the right message. Now more than ever, your business can access highly targeted, budget-friendly marketing channels that will help you to do exactly that!

89% of the UK go online every single day. This is where people spend their time now – whether it’s scrolling on social media, browsing search engines, or streaming videos. This is also why online marketing is so effective in 2022. People are online already so what’s the easiest way to reach them with your message? With native platform content!

Once you’ve figured out that the best way to target people is online, having somewhere to sell to them online – an Ecommerce store that is – is the next logical step to selling more products to more people.

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What Do You Need To Consider?

Your website

If you’re going to be selling online, an ecommerce website is the place to start. We know, perhaps a biased take from web designers, but that doesn’t make it any less true in this case!

Your website is the main place you’ll be selling anything online, even if you promote products through other channels, it’ll still most likely be the final landing page destination. See it as your current shop, just online!

With that being said, it’s important to make sure that your new shopfront is ready to sell effectively, otherwise you’ll waste time and marketing budgets down the road, not to mention miss out on valuable sales.




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Shipping and Returns

Another important element that you might not have yet, or might not be used to needing, is a robust shipping and returns process. One reason why so many consumers are going online to shop is for the comfort of receiving their orders right at their doorstep, without ever having to leave the house. Well, hopefully they still leave the house, just maybe not for shopping!

You need a way to get your products to customers quickly, safely, and effectively without running into delays or bulk order issues. Finding a shipping provider is a long and sometimes complicated process, but getting it right could allow you to increase sales volume without doing too much extra work!

A returns system is also crucial, as laws require you to accept online returns within a certain time frame. When creating a returns policy and process, remember that making it easy and affordable for your customers is the best way to keep them.

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Getting your Ecommerce system in place and up-and-running isn’t an overnight process – it’s going to take time. Be prepared for it to take some time before you’re making regular sales, which is all the more reason to get started sooner rather than later!

This is not to put you off, but rather manage expectations. The time and resources you put into Ecommerce can generate some huge returns on investment for your business!



A final important factor that you’ve got to take into consideration is competition. There’s no denying that Ecommerce is competitive in 2022, but there’s still plenty of room if done right.

It’s crucial that you check out your competition levels, who they are, and how you can offer something different for your customers. Integrating this with future marketing campaigns will be key to the success of your new Ecommerce store and can help you rise to the top of your sector, even if there’s a lot of competition around!

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To answer the often-asked question “is ecommerce still worth it in 2022?”, the answer is absolutely yes. The Ecommerce industry is growing and will continue to do so in years to come, providing your business with a cost-effective way to reach more customers with your products.

Make sure you get everything right by investing into the things that matter most – your ecommerce website, your marketing, and your shipping and returns systems. Manage to get these things established properly and you could start generating more sales than you ever have before.

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Our Website Design Services

Web Design

A website that has been carefully designed to fit your exact needs and branding will help your business to establish itself online.

A professional website design is one of the most important factors in the success of an online business today.

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Wordpress Websites

Being the most used website builder in the world, WordPress offers a lot to anyone who uses it. Although it can be tricky, our team of experts have years of experience in building stunning, high performance WordPress sites that will become the perfect online home for your business.

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E-Commerce is one of today’s fastest growing industries. To compete with longstanding businesses, you need a first-class website that’s functional yet aesthetic.

Our experienced team will work with you to create the perfect online store that is entirely coherent with your brand.

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Websites for Businesses

We’ve been building incredible websites for businesses for a decade, it’s our absolute speciality. Before Dan started Webster Digital, he worked at an accountancy practice. While working there and studying accountancy, he picked up valuable insights into business that you won’t find with other website design and marketing agencies.

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Websites for Schools

An updated, vibrant and functional school website shows that you’re a forward-thinking school who care about the way they communicate with students, parents and prospective parents alike.

By building a quality website that works on smartphones, tablets and desktops, it makes clear to all that you are a school who is ready for the future.

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Websites for Charities

As a charity, it’s of paramount importance that every visitor you receive trusts you and is in confident in working with you. The most effective way to do this in 2022 is by having a well-designed and efficient website with a clear message.

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