Why We Use WordPress To Build Websites

There are many website platforms that allow people to build and design websites for their businesses, including things like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and Web.com. At Webster Digital, however, we feel that WordPress is the best platform to use and is our go-to for creating beautiful websites for your business. But why exactly?

What Is Bounce Rate And How Is It Significant?

The term ‘bounce rate’ is used fairly often in the world of websites and marketing, but it’s often unexplained. As a result, many people don’t really know what the term means or what it can show your business. Fear not, in this short guide we’ll uncover all of that for you!

The Future Of Marketing Is Mobile

The use of smartphones and tablets is constantly rising, meaning that more and more people are browsing websites, social media and online shops via their mobile devices. What does this mean for businesses though?

6 Reasons For Your Business To Start A Blog

It’s becoming ever more important for businesses to develop a strong online presence. Customers are now browsing the web more than ever in order to find what they need, so businesses must cater to this demand. The addition of a blog to your business’s website can have a significant positive impact, yet so many businesses… Read more »

How A Slow Website Could Affect Your Business

Your business’s website is where your customers go to research, get to know and trust, and even buy from your business. In a world where consumer attention spans are decreasing, it’s essential that they can get what they need and want quickly and as easily as possible. If not, they may leave your website and… Read more »

Five Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2021

As we move into a new year, there will undoubtedly be more new trends to look out for in the web design space. Here we’re going to take a look at the top five trends to expect throughout the year so that you can prepare and ride the wave!

How To Get Your Website To Convert More During Christmas

It’s Christmas time at last! Everyone is getting ready by decorating and buying gifts, but for businesses, there’s something else on the list: getting ready to sell, sell, sell! We’re going to share with you some great ways that businesses can spruce up their websites to make them festive and to increase Christmas conversions.

Project Planning using Zoom – it’s the new norm!

With social distancing now the norm, more of us are turning to virtual meeting room platforms such as Zoom, to stay in touch with family, friends and work colleagues. Here at Webster Internet, Zoom is becoming our go-to communication platform to communicate with our existing clients. Zoom enables us to continue to have ‘face-to-face’ meetings… Read more »

If you already have a website offering a product of service, in the current climate it’s possible that your offering may have changed. Does your website reflect this?

With the widespread of Corona virus around the world, lives have been devastated, numerous enterprises have been affected, businesses disrupted with many falling foul of the effects that the virus has had on the economy. Businesses that at face value appeared to be strong, resilient and almost impenetrable have been razed to the ground leaving… Read more »

The art is to keep your audience engaged

Whether considering technology or fashion, from 1970’s flares to the music tower stacks of the 80’s, fads come and go. Something that people never lose interest in, is content.  Quality, relevant content designed to appeal, information that’s engaging and shareable will never go to go out of fashion. In today’s world when the Internet of… Read more »

Tired of waiting on others to make urgent updates?

A ‘Content Management System’ (CMS) allows you to manage your website, without any technical understanding or training of HTML or website design. Put simply, if you know how to use Microsoft Word, then managing the content on a website built by Dan and the team at Webster Internet, will be child’s play. The benefits of… Read more »

The importance of creating a web design brief

If you’re considering a new website for your business, being able to communicate your vision and goals with your web designer is vital to ensure the end result represents your business, what you do, your values and how you help solve a problem for potential clients and customers. It can be difficult knowing where to… Read more »

Treat Your website with the respect it deserves!

Your website is the fundamental component of your online presence, it’s likely to be the first point of contact between your brand and your potential client base. It’s therefore extremely valuable and needs to be treated as such. Going into 2020, make sure you’ve done all you can to stop hackers from defacing it, placing… Read more »

Why You Need A Mood Board when Designing Your Website

Whether you’re considering having your existing website overhauled, or starting out from scratch, it’s good to have some ideas on how you want it to look. We call this the Webster Web Design Mood-board. Mood boards are often used in the design and creativity process for interior designers, helping their clients to visualise how the… Read more »

Get ‘Thumb-Friendly’ for 2020

Gone are the days when a website just had to look good on a PC or laptop. Modern web development must incorporate both creativity and functionality as well as being effective and appealing to your visitor. With so many people spending their time internet browsing on a mobile device as opposed to their desktop, website… Read more »

Get ‘Thumb-Friendly’ for 2020

Gone are the days when a website just had to look good on a PC or laptop. Modern web development must incorporate both creativity and functionality as well as being effective and appealing to your visitor. With so many people spending their time internet browsing on a mobile device as opposed to their desktop, website… Read more »

Are you considering re-branding your website for 2020?

Updating your website’s design can positively impact your brand and revenue but where do you start? We’ve pulled together a list of essentials to consider if you’re looking to rebuild and re-brand in 2020. Have a clear understanding of exactly what you want your website to do Be clear about what features it must have… Read more »

DIY versus using a Web Designer

With DIY sites such as Wix and GoDaddy readily available, producing your own website ‘couldn’t be easier’ and for people with smaller ‘website requirements’, these types of drag and drop, self-build options are great. There are however potential downsides worth considering before you spend valuable hours of your own time dragging and dropping, inserting images… Read more »

What makes a good eCommerce website?

So, you have a fantastic product or service, and you’re ready to unleash it to the masses. That’s great news! If only selling a product online were just about the quality of the product. A successful eCommerce website needs to work on many levels, having a good selection of pictures and a checkout function isn’t… Read more »

When change is actually better than a rest

Few people like change, but here are some very good reasons as to why you might want your website re-designed. Your vision may have changed. Your website may have been perfect when you had it created 5 years ago, but is your vision of the business still the same? If your website doesn’t reflect the… Read more »

Web hosting…the good, the bad and the best!

Flaky emails and website downtime are the nemesis of many a business owner. How often do you find yourself muttering at the slowness of a website when you’re trying to make a purchase? Stressing because your emails outbound or inbound seem to be stuck in an invisible queue, showing no sign of materialising? For the… Read more »


This month we’ve decided to set a challenge, we promise it won’t take long and could increase your bottom line for the future. So, here goes… Spend 10 minutes comparing and contrasting your competition’s website. Now have an honest conversation with yourself, if you were a potential customer – based on the websites themselves, which… Read more »

WordPress Security – Secure Certificates & HTTPS

WordPress powers in excess of 32% of all websites on the internet. It’s a brilliant Content Management System (CMS) that can be used by anybody, regardless of computer literacy or familiarity with how to build websites. This is WordPress’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Since so many websites use WordPress, it is targeted by… Read more »

5 Good Reasons Why You Need a New Website

We make brilliant functional websites that speak to your customers from our base in Dunstable and we’d love to help you get more business from your website. Now, this might seem like a bit of a shameless ‘give us more business’ type of article, and it is – we’re honest like that at Webster Internet,… Read more »

Mobile Websites are a Must for All Businesses

It is thought that only around 20% of UK websites are mobile-friendly. In April 2015, Google made the decision that they would no longer show non-mobile websites to users making searches on mobile devices. Somewhere in August 2015, mobile devices overtook laptops as the device of choice for UK internet users. These are two very… Read more »

Improve Your Website in Easy Steps – Part Two

This is part two of a two-part series which will help you improve your website. In the previous article, we discussed how researching and creating great content can lead to impressive search rankings and engagement with visitors and potential customers. Don’t expect to have a great website overnight As with all good things, creating a… Read more »

Improve Your Website in Easy Steps – Part One

This is part one of a two-part series which will help you quickly improve your website. Here are some quick and easy things to look at on your website that will make a big difference to the performance of the website, the traffic you’ll get and the business you’ll receive. Set goals and measure Without… Read more »

Social Media. The best friend a business can have?

In these modern times we live in, social media is an unavoidable buzzword but what is it exactly and how should your business be using social media? Social media is a term for websites and other tools which allow individuals and businesses to create, share and exchange information. In the early days of the internet,… Read more »

Is your website customer journey clear?

Or why your visits might not be converting to sales… We all know that a website says a lot about a company and that certain elements need to be in place for a website visit to convert into a sale. Perhaps one might even go so far as to say that this point is obvious…… Read more »

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Search Deadline

What is it – and Should it Interest You? Google announced a while ago that after 21st April 2015, they would be using a new ranking factor of ‘Mobile Friendliness’ in their search calculations. There is a lot of scaremongering going on in Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation circles, directly linked to this deadline.… Read more »