Website Design in Bedford - Auction Boutique Website Build

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold

Auction Boutique offer home buyers a unique way to purchase luxury property – via auction. Although auctions are commonly associated with distressed or probate properties, Auction Boutique saw an opportunity provide high-end buyers with a more efficient buying method. In order to showcase their properties and what they have to offer, they needed an equally high-end website that would provide customers with everything they need.

Digital luxury that speaks for the business

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

With years of experience in the estate agency industry, the founders of Auction Boutique became frustrated with the traditional model of selling properties. With extremely lengthy buying processes and having to console disappointed buyers after property chains collapsed due to renegotiation or withdrawals, they felt that there must be a better way to buy and sell homes. And with that, Auction Boutique was born – a place for people to buy and sell premium homes with the least amount of hassle, for the best price.

To provide people with an easy way to get homes listed, inform themselves on how the auction process works and where they can easily bid on homes they like, Auction Boutique needed a professional, high-end website that would combine functionality with professionalism.

How did Webster Digital Help?

We worked together with a marketing company to produce the perfect website that would be easy-to-use with a high-end, clean design to represent the brand. Whilst they wrote the copy, we focused on the layout, branding and design for the new website.

Dan got to work on building the framework of the site from scratch, ensuring that the design was totally unique to the business. With a prominent menu that would be easy to navigate through, each page was created with a simple-to-view layout for the best user journey. An online auction section was built into the website so that Auction Boutique could easily offer their range of homes to buyers no matter where they are, with simple usage, a detailed information section for each property and accompanying images, giving potential buyers a comprehensive overview.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

We have created a stunning website that incorporates usability with a professional, high-end aesthetic that will give visitors a sense of trust and premium service. This design will translate to great customer relationships with those who are looking to buy and sell premium homes quickly, at a fair price and hassle-free.

With a built-in auction system, potential buyers will be able to view and bid on homes remotely, knowing that they are getting the best possible home-buying experience, translating to long-lasting customer relationships for the business.