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Supporting Care

Carers’ Support East Kent is a charity who provides carers in Kent and the surrounding areas with the support that they need to be able to continue to care for their friends or relatives. Struggling to keep up in a digital world, CSEK needed a stand-out charity website that would provide all of their information, as well as providing useful features and support for carers online.

More than just a website, we created an online support system

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Established in 2001, Carers’ Support East Kent have been providing support and information to carers for a long time. Their goal as a charity was always to keep giving important help to carers who are caring for family members or friends, so that they could manage. However, as times changed, traditional methods of reaching new people were becoming less effective, creating the need for a new modern website.

This charity website needed to be well designed to establish trust with users, whilst delivering key information about the charity. It also needed to inform carers on how they could get involved and what exactly they could get help with. In addition to this, the government gave CSEK extra funding to deliver extra digital support to carers, including live chats and forums. These needed to be integrated with the website.

How did Webster Digital Help?

Our experience with building effective charity websites gave us an idea of where to start. We began building a custom template that would be designed to look stunning, whilst being very easy to navigate. We laid out the key information about the charity in individual sections that broke it down and made it easy for anyone to find and read.

We also knew that the website would need to be fast and mobile responsive so that it could rank well and could be accessed on the go by carers. From the start, we ensured that the design was created to work on both desktops and mobile devices so that everything was still fully functional on smaller screens.

Finally, the website needed Google Maps integration so that anyone could find the charity easily if they ever needed to visit the centre. We added a Maps feature to the contact page that was easily viewable and could provide visitors with clear directions to the Carer Centre.


What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

We were able to create a high performing, beautifully designed website that allowed carers to find CSEK online, no matter where they were. All key information about the charity, what they do to support carers, and how people can get involved, were all displayed in an easy-to-read layout. Thanks to the built-in Google Maps function, carers could also easily locate the main Centre if they need to.

We also support a fully functional live chat system, as well as a forum for CSEK, so that carers can get extra, more specific support from workers and other carers alike. Carers’ Support East Kent are now able to facilitate the needs of all carers in the area and are able to inform more new carers than ever before.