Web Design Bedfordshire - Click-2-Heel Website Build

Professional Class

Click-2-Heel are an experienced dog training service established by Di Martin in 2005. Due to increasingly competitive times in 2018, they were struggling to reach new customers with traditional marketing methods. To help them back to the top, they needed a high impact website that would help them to generate more high-quality leads.

A new home for dog lovers, owners and trainers alike

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Click-2-Heel provide professional dog and puppy training classes, with over 30 years of experience. When they came to us, their website was slow and bulky, and they were struggling to reach new customers and generate leads. In the modern age, they needed a strong website that was fast, easy to use and made their brand stand out online to match the quality of their service.

In addition to this, Di Martin, the founder of Click-2-Heel wanted to begin providing courses so that other people could learn her skills and become more effective dog trainers. To do so, their website needed a new feature that could sell the courses, showcase them and then deliver them in video format to customers.

How did Webster Digital Help?

We knew that the new website would need to be modern, fast and would allow users to find out all the information they wanted on dog training sessions, as well as the new courses that were being offered by Di. We got to work on building the new website, ensuring that it was lightweight for fast loading speeds once it was completed.

Our designers new that the website needed to look modern and provide information in an easy-to-consume layout so that customers would enjoy using the website. They began designing pages that were laid out with a simple to navigate flow and a clear menu so that users could navigate to specific information, courses or training programs. Whilst doing so, they made sure that everything fit the business’s branding and that it had a more modern, refreshed look over the old website.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

Click-2-Heel now had a refreshed, modern website that would stand the test of time and last them well into the future, with an easy way to update content if they wanted to. As we manage the security and majority of content updates monthly, this allows the site to remain up-to-date and looking new all the time.

Thanks to the range of features that the website has, Click-2-Heel can offer information to prospective customers, provide an overview of their training programs, and sell and deliver Di’s online courses, generating multiple revenue sources and creating a new online home for dog owners and trainers alike!