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Creative Design

The Creative Draping Academy was founded by Susie, who had a vast amount of experience in creating amazing draping and lighting for huge stage shows and events. Alongside her design and installation work, Susie wanted to share her expertise with others who wanted to learn about creative draping. To do so, she needed a powerful website that would allow her to showcase this all in one place.

A modern presence for a long-time professional

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Susie Carlino, having worked for years creating lighting and draping for shows and events, wanted to create a place where she could teach others and share her expertise so that more people could learn about creative draping. As well as continuing with her design, consultancy and installation services, Susie wanted to provide workshops all from one place – and what better place to do so than a website.

As traditional marketing methods became less and less effective, it made sense that the new home of Creative Draping Academy would be online. With such a wide range of services on offer, it also made sense for an effective website to be built that could provide everything in one, professional place.

How did Webster Digital Help?

The new website would need to provide a modern online presence for the business that would comprise of two independent sections – one to cover the academy and bookable courses, and the other to cover the production side of the business. With this in mind, we got to work on developing a well-designed layout that would provide space for each aspect of the business.

Not only did we need to make sure that visitors could book workshops and services on the site, but there needed to be sufficient information on the business, what they offered and the experience they had in order to gain the trust of new customers. To do so, we needed to create clear sections where users would know exactly what they’re looking at and where they could find whichever information they needed.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

The Creative Draping Academy now had somewhere to offer all of their services – design, consultancy, installation and workshops. Everything was clearly set out in its own section so that visitors could read useful information before deciding which workshop or service they were most interested in. Whether users want to read up about Susie and her experience in creative draping, or what any of their production services provide, or what each of their workshops will teach, it is now easy and enjoyable to do so.

Thanks to being online, the business can thrive in an economy where people are always browsing the internet. They no longer have to worry about traditional marketing tactics slowing them down as they can harness the full power of their new, modern website.