Web Design Bedfordshire - Hardiman Performance Website Build

Put Your Back Into It

Hardiman Performance is specialist sports injury clinic, founded and run by chief Osteopath Dale Hardiman. In 2018, they noticed that their old website was slipping down the rankings and was becoming slow. Having optimised this website for speed, Hardiman decided that they needed a modern, refreshed website that would support the business into the future.

A specialist website for a specialist sports clinic

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Hardiman Performance pride themselves on providing quality sports injury care for their patients. Having had a website for some time, they noticed that it started to slip down the rankings on Google. They came to us to see if we could help them regain their position and after discovering that it was due to speed, we optimised the whole website, shooting it back up the rankings.

It was at this time that they decided they wanted to continue working with us to create a new, refreshed website that would help the business to remain up to date, whilst promoting the services that they offered to patients. The new website would need to be modern, effectively designed and would need the aesthetics to match their brand.

How did Webster Digital Help?

We began by recreating all of the old content so that everything was updated and gave the website a refreshed feel. This was then all laid into a brand-new custom design that focused on maintaining the brand identity of the business, whilst changing it enough to give a more current feel. The home page was built with a stunning, full-width video background to highlight what the business does as soon as you land on their site.

Once the website was built, we repeated the same speed optimisation as we had with the old website, ensuring that it was lightning fast. On top of that, we redirected all of their old pages to their new home so that it could continue ranking highly in the long run.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

Hardiman Performance now have a new and modern website that gives visitors a fantastic first impression from the moment they arrive. Users can discover everything they need to know about the clinic, from team members, to fees to information about common conditions. Of course, clients can also book appointments directly from the website.

The new website is also extremely fast, and SEO optimised so that it ranks well in Google, driving organic search traffic straight to their business.