Web Design Bedfordshire - Hydronics Direct Website Build

Industry Leading

Industry leading, multinational engineering business IMI Hydronics saw an opportunity to branch out and sell directly to plumbing and heating engineers. Due to the complicated process for individuals to purchase items, it made sense to create a new brand – Hydronics Direct.

For the new brand to be successful, a new website was needed that matched the global branding, would be ultra-secure, fast and had a simple account creation process for customers.

New brand, new website, new success

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

IMI Hydronics are an industry leading multinational business, employing 11,000 people globally within the engineering sector. They sell small integral parts for home heating installations to businesses, such as radiator and boiler parts.

The head of UK sales saw an opportunity to sell directly to individual plumbing and heating engineers via their network of sales representatives. A big problem stood in his way: IMI Hydronics is geared to sell wholesale and opening an account is a lengthy process not suited to meet the needs of engineers – an issue that needed a solution immediately. Thus, a new brand was created: “Hydronics Direct”.

How did Webster Digital Help?

We created a web interface that would allow the sales team to instantly satisfy the clients’ requirements. IMI Hydronics needed an agency that could handle both the front-end design and UX, integrating the website’s e-commerce system with salesforce and the client’s existing accounting package to allow seamless transfer of data, ensuring high quality data control and an improved, quicker customer journey. Dan took the lead on the back end functionally whilst Natalie, our designer, met with the clients to get a deep understanding of their brand, so she would be able to create visuals that were both easy to navigate and highlighted key calls to action.

As this project developed and the true potential realised by IMI Hydronics, it was escalated through to the Global Marketing manager and Head of IT. As part of the delivery the client was rightly concerned about cyber security. Our servers had to undergo full penetration testing, which they passed with flying colours.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

The website followed the brand guidelines and simplified the account creation process, linking multiple systems, allowing the brand to fulfil the need of its client. Individual engineers were now able to easily purchase the parts that they needed, without waiting for an account to be registered. This spearheaded the launch of a new sales channel for the business, subsequently driving expected sales of around £100,000 per month.