Web Design Bedfordshire - Pistoia Alliance Website Build

Supporting R&D Innovation

Pistoia Alliance are a global non-for-profit organisation who work to drive collaboration between scientific R&D organisations. They needed a functional website that would allow organisations from all over the world to become members, build the foundations for collaboration and discover more about new and ongoing science R&D projects.

Driving scientific progress for the future

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Founded over a decade ago, Pistoia Alliance have brought together more than 100 different companies to transform R&D through pre-competitive collaboration. By creating a lower barrier of access for science R&D organisations all over the world, Pistoia alliance have helped to promote innovation and progress. With the digital world of today, the most effective way for Pistoia to continue their work was to have a functional, easy-to-use and fast website – something that they had previously been lacking.

Their old website was incredibly slow, and the user experience was complicated and frustrating – something that needed changing in order to continue bringing about change and inspiring organisations to collaborate through them.

How did Webster Digital Help?

We knew that a new and improved website would need to be extremely fast, future-proof and easy to use. We started by building from the ground up so that there was no extra bulk that could slow the website down in future. Our custom build allowed for it to follow the global branding of the organisation, whilst providing a refreshed, modern look that would last them for years to come.

Once the design was completed, we made sure that the layout was simple for people to use. Whether they wanted to join the alliance, read up on current projects or keep informed on industry news, we created a straightforward menu so that all visitors get exactly what they need. Thanks to our superfast servers, we knew that as long as we kept the framework light, the new website would load in the blink of an eye so that users could navigate rapidly as well as easily.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

Pistoia Alliance went from having a slow, unoptimized website that was difficult for users and organisations to use, to having a superfast, aesthetically pleasing website with clearly defined menus and pages. All R&D organisations looking to collaborate with others can do so easily from one central hub with the ability to join, view projects, read news and blogs and see upcoming events.

Thanks to our full custom-build, the website became extremely fast and secure, giving users the best possible experience and opening up a new modern gateway for science R&D organisations.