Web Design Bedfordshire - Rosendale Primary School Website Build

A Different Class

Rosendale Primary School is the only Research School in London, who work on tackling some of the major challenges our education system faces, using evidence-based strategies. We worked with their specialist research school to come up with a new, more adult-friendly version of the main school’s website, that would highlight what the school do and their specialist projects.

More than a website, we captured the essence of the school

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Rosendale Primary School is London’s only Research School. They have an extensive curriculum for young children that helps them to learn a wide variety of subjects from a young age. They have a specialist language school that teaches French and Mandarin to children regularly during curricular time – Dan loves languages, so he was thrilled when an opportunity like this presented itself!

The new website that they needed was to provide an updated, professionally laid out online home that was informational yet enjoyable to use. It needed to be simple for staff to use and update, and it required all information to be accessible within two clicks in order to adhere to OFSTED regulations.

How did Webster Digital Help?

Before starting on the build, we knew that the website would have to meet several criteria for it to be successful. It would need to provide a vast amount of information so as to cover the wide range of curricular subjects and activities, as well as specialist projects. On top of that, this information would need to be very easily accessible and laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner. In order to achieve all of these objectives, we used a completely custom design that would help us to lay out everything exactly as it needed to be.

Once our custom layout had been filled with content, we double checked that everything was obvious, easy to access and looked great. To help make everything quickly accessible, we built a large menu that contained all of the separate pages in a clearly structured layout.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

Rosendale Primary School have new website that caters to the needs of all of its users. Parents and prospective parents can read up on the school and what they offer, keep updated on news and events and get in contact with the school easily.

Everything is easily laid out and key information is reachable within two clicks, adhering to OFSTED regulations. The website is modern and fast, giving a great impression to all visitors, showing them that Rosendale Primary School is an advanced school who will always be ready for the future.