Web Design Bedford - Accelerate Project Website Build

Accelerating Education

The Accelerate Project is funded directly by the Department for Education in order to support early-career teachers with the aim of raising their quality of practice and confidence. We were approached by the Education Development Trust to create a new brand and website for the project that would help them to do this.

A new home for teacher support to flourish

Why Webster Digital was Chosen

Four in ten newly qualified teachers leave the profession within a year. Accelerate aims to reduce this number through supporting both newly qualified teachers and the leaders that manage them. With a unique four-term approach, Accelerate provide new teachers with face-to-face training sessions and specialist coaches in order to build on their ability and boost their confidence.

The Accelerate Project is funded directly by the Department for Education and is being run by the Chartered College of Teaching on behalf of the Education Development Trust. They wanted to make sure that the brand matched what it was trying to achieve and that the website designs could be applied to new pages as the project developed in the future.

How did Webster Digital Help?

The main challenge was getting approval for the project from various stakeholders within the DfE & Chartered College of Teaching. We supported the key directors of the project to ensure that this process was as smooth as possible, supplying all the documentation, budgets and project plans required.

Once the DfE had signed off on the money, we were able to move forward with the branding and the design of the website. After we received confirmation that they were happy with our designs, we began building the website so that the project could be finished. With the final deadline approaching we managed to complete all of the design elements and build the website in a way so that changes and new pages could easily be added further down the line.

What Results did Webster Digital Provide?

We have delivered a stunning brand image and website that has surpassed the expectation of all stakeholders. A beautifully designed website that is easy to use and lays out exactly what the project is all about.

We didn’t receive the sign off on the project until 14th August and had to deliver the completed project by the 31st August ready for launch, so we were working with an extremely tight deadline. Fortunately, our team are all UK based and had the ability to meet the client’s deadline without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Both the Education Development Trust and the Chartered College of Teaching were absolutely blown away with the results.